Business thinking for designer

Are you a designer and want to learn more about business?  
You have great designs but not sure how to get a buy-in from your non-designer boss or clients? 
You know that your work has a greater effect on business but your boss or client wants numbers? 

I totally understand you. I have been there. I have worked for IDEO as a business designer and my main responsibility was to translate our designs to Fortune 500 executives, who have a business-centered way of thinking. So, what can I do for you? 

Business Thinking Projects

Are you a team of designers working on great concepts and need someone with business skills to help you design the business strategy or business rationale (= how will this concept translate into business value). Get in touch with me via email or LinkedIN and let's discuss the details of your project. 

Learning Business Thinking

The good news is that "business thinking", as I like to call it, is not hard to learn. There are some basic principles that every designer should now about business, which will make you much more valuable on the market. Currently, I am offering Business Thinking Workshops and soon I will also offer online courses. But please, if you have any specific questions about business, do get in touch with me. I'd love to chat with you and help you out. 

design thinking for businesses

Want your employees to learn an alternative way of solving business problems? 
Your company excels at technological innovation but lack good UX?
Are you running an innovation lab and need someone to bridge design and business?

I have a masters degree business so I understand where you are coming from world. When I joined IDEO, the company that conceptualised and popularised design thinking, I needed some time to get used to design thinking but I quickly realised how valuable this approach is. It works phenomenally well with our more business way of solving challenges (going deep) as it provides a complement (going wide). 

Design Thinking Projects

Are you looking for an individual or a small team to help you with a user-centered innovation project? My core expertise lies in solving business challenges with the design thinking methodology. If your challenge is somewhat broader, I am super happy to put together a small multidisciplinary team that has the right skill set. 

Learning Design Thinking

I do not organise workshops in design thinking. I believe that you can learn the process quite easily but cultivating the right "design" mindset is what is hard. Adopting this mindset takes time and that is why I offer mentoring programs whereby I guide you and your team on solving a specific questions. We design where your team tries to solve a callenge and I mentor them through the process. 


Want to understand why users behave a certain way?
Want to identify opportunity areas for growth? 
Are you sick of using various metrics but not understanding the "why's" behind those numbers?

Design Research Projects

Design research is the research methodology of design thinking. It is phenomenal for solving business challenges that would benefit from enhanced user perspective. For example, you are not sure why users are not buying your product even though it is technologically better and offered at lower price. Design research uses informal interviews to understand behaviors and reasons behind those behaviors.  

Learning Design Research

Design research can't be thought in a classroom. Together, we will define a small research question and use design research to solve it. I will help you draft the right discussion guide, choose the right profiles to talk to, do a few interviews with you and show you how to shape insights.